Rotterdam City Tour

Rotterdam City Tour, includes Euromast

includes Euromast, Boijmans van Beuningen museum and Windmills of Kinderdijk

8 hour private tour with private guide, car/walk

€ 595 (4 persons, sedan)
€ 695 (6 persons, mini-van)
€ 795 (8 persons, van)

Pick up at your hotel/airport Amsterdam area (suggested pick up time will be 8.30-9.00 a.m.).

Let me bring you to the second largest city of Holland. A lot of history and famous hot spots to visit. The name of this city is named after an old river named the Rotte. The city centre was bombarded in the WWII and is mainly destroyed. After the rebuild, nowadays Rotterdam is well-known for its architecture. For example, the brand-new central station. Modern and futuristic. While we speak, they are still constructing these high buildings in Rotterdam.

Let me first take you to the Euromast. After an hour drive from Amsterdam, it will be nice to have a little refreshment in the highest building of Holland that is open for public. The overview over Rotterdam is just an extra.

After a ten minute ride we will arrive in the city centre of Rotterdam. Parking in a huge underground parking lot with 3 levels in it. There may be a feature in it you have never seen before. Taking the escalators up, you will be instantly in the middle of a food Walhalla. This place is called the Markthallen. If you look up the ceiling with painted foods, you might feel mouthwatering. This concept inspired by markets in the Southern of Europe. Where you can buy food to prepare at home and restaurants who can prepare it for you, all in one place. After satisfying your stomach it’s now time for the eyes. Just outside through the revolving doors you can instantly see the tower in the shape of a pencil. And near to this residential tower you will see the cubic houses. A short stroke will take us to the museum of Boijmans Beuningen. The collections here is very diverse. From Rembrandt to Warhol.

We can finish the day with by visiting the mills of Kinderdijk. It’s on the word heritage list of UNESCO. In combination of the sunset and less crowded at the end of the day. This is a memorable moment you might want to capture. The way back to Amsterdam will take a little bit over an hour. As your private tour guide, I can adjust the schedule, duration at your needs. Please let me know of any special requests. You decide where you want to go and what to see. No entrance-fees are included in the tour price.


Because there are many touristic highlights in Rotterdam I can recommend you to pay this vibrant city an extra day visit. So you can see the skyline by night. There are many fine dining restaurants in this area. Such as restaurant Joelia* and Parkheuvel**. Don’t hesitate if you have any requests or questions. Also excellent to combine with the The Hague tour.