Tsz Yan Chiu, Lex

Tour Guide

Welcome to Holland everyone. I am tour guide, driver and translator Tsz Yan Chiu , you can call me Lex. Born in Hong Kong but grew up here in Holland since the age of 5. Fluent in Cantonese and Dutch and excellent in English. My keywords are organized, honest, reliable and a good communicator.

After years of working in the logistics department of a multinational, I chose to change directions by becoming a personal tour guide. The main reason: I like to show people how wonderful Holland is. How this country has been my fantastic home for the last thirty years.

Just imagine: you’re a tourist in a foreign country. You don’t know the way and you don’t know what or where to eat and which sights to see. You can join an organized tour with a group of visitors that has to keep up to a tight time schedule. Maybe even having an arranged lunch you don’t prefer. Having to wait for each other for hours. Spending your time on sights for too short or way too long. Totally recognizable, right? How nice would it be if there is a local guide taking care of you personally, so you can sit back and enjoy your vacation.

Another benefit of having a private tour guide is that you can adjust your plans at any moment as you please. Visiting the crowded cities or cruising the rustic countryside. I will provide you with tips for your consideration, such as what time to visit touristic highlights to avoid peak hours. Or the best recommendations for lunch and dinner.  Because I am here for you and your company only.

Please check out the itinerary for info and a mental picture of Holland. Everything is fully customizable.

It would be my great pleasure to assist you while visiting all the nice places in Holland you already heard about, without wasting any of your precious time. Let me combine the perfect trip for you like the following sayings: In English: off the beaten track. In Dutch: find the hidden pearls of Holland. And finally in Chinese: let me be your cane 🙂 I am at your service.

WeChat ID: Welcome2holland or scan the QR Code.